Kitchen Terminology

Let’s cut through the jargon to make kitchen planning easy.

Planning a brand new kitchen is an exciting project, but it can be a daunting task. There are a lot of decisions and choices to be made and you may encounter a number of technical phrases and terms that you might be unfamiliar with. To help, here is our simple guide with explanations to the major components in the production and installation of a kitchen. Let’s get started.

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Known as the kick plate or kick board, this is used to bridge the gap between the floor and the bottom of your kitchen cabinets.
The plinth is used to hide away cabinet legs and unsightly gaps giving the kitchen a complete tidy finish.


The Multi-Rail is an aesthetic finish that is used for wall units. It can be used as various applications including cornice or pelmet and to box around a group of units to give that modern finish.


The cornice is the strip of decorative trim at the top of the wall cabinets. The cornice eliminates the empty space at the top of the wall cabinets. Only available in our Shaker kitchens.

ABS Edging

Edging is the trim that is placed around the sides of the worktop area to cover exposed chipboard. It creates a uniform look across the whole counter leaving a clean and tidy finish.

Appliance Door

The appliance door is used for disguising various cooking and cleaning appliances in your kitchen space to create a seamless aesthetic.

End Panel

An end panel is placed on the side of a cabinet which isn’t directly against the wall, to hide the interior of the cabinet. We can supply a Base End Panel, a Wall End Panel and a Larder End Panel.


A decorative piece matching the worktop that runs the length of the worktop. Supplied 100mm in Height.

Blind Corner Unit

A Blind Corner Unit is used in a corner to transition between one wall to another without leaving a large empty space in a corner.

Edging Tape

Tape for edging kitchen cabinets to match the door finish.

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