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FIRA Gold Certification Explained

The purpose of the tests

is to focus on minimising product risk, alongside assessing long term performance.

Worktops and surface finishes assess abrasion, impact, scrape and scratch resistance; resistance to wet and dry heat; chemical resistance (to oils, acids, bleaches, tea and coffee).

Kitchen storage units (including doors, shelves, carcasses) and Components (including hinges, handles and drawer runners) are assessed for Structural performance (stability, safety, strength and durability).

Conformity to the requirements for the strength and durability of the structure of a unit is verified by applying to various parts; loads or forces simulating normal functional use, as well as foreseeable misuse, at one of two levels of severity. In our case we have the highest grade; Test level H (heavy duty) units which are for use in residential locations where heavy use can be expected or where users are unlikely to exercise care.

Types of Test

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Watch Videos of Testing

FIRA have created some short videos to show how otheir experts conduct various kitchen tests.The rigorous testing processes undertaken at FIRA International helps to determine the performance of units, worktops and components.

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FIRA: Drawer Testing

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FIRA: Cabinet Door Testing

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FIRA Gold Product Certification

is only awarded after rigorous assessment against specified performance tests, backed by an ongoing audit and re-testing programme to ensure Certification standards are continually met.